To create a competent and self-reliant workforce that is trained, assessed and certified to international standards, stimulating employment-creating investments, contributing to the improved productivity, competitiveness and prosperity of individuals, enterprises and the nation.


To promote and ensure the quality of the TVET outputs so as to satisfy the changing needs of industry as well as cater the aspirations of individuals in pursuit of their career goals and opportunities.


  • Accountability(ተጠያቂነት)

  • Transparency(ግልፅነት)

  • Efficiency(ብቃት)

  • Quality(ጥራት)

  • Participation(አሳታፊነት)

  • Non-discrimination(አለማዳለት)

  • Maintaining professional ethics(ሙያዊ ስነምግባር መጠበቅ)




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                                          Welcome to Oromia Occupational Competence Assurance Agency! 

       Oromia Occupational Competence Assurance Agency (OOCAA) is a core institution established, at regional level, to implement and facilitate National Occupational Assessment and Certification in the region. It is born from the ambition of the government to have competent and self-reliant workforce that meet labor market demands; thus, contributing to the economic and social development of the country. 


 Our mission is hence, to ensure that TVET graduates and industry workers possess the competencies required by labor market.  Following this mission, OOCAA has been delighted to welcome and to work closely with employers/enterprises, workers and customers that quest better service and quality product. 

 This website has therefore, been designed to be user friendly. Efforts have been made to simplify the site navigation as well as to offer you an easy access to information about competence-based assessment and certification; specially help you to verify competent candidates' certificate.

In addition to these efforts, a continuous improvement will help us to keep meeting the growing needs of our customers. I hope you will find the information you are looking for. I wish you a good browsing!


Adem Kemal

General Director (OOCAA)



Note: Oromia Occupational Competance Assurance Agency and all of its branches are Currently issuing Original National qualification Certificate to candidates who gain Competent rating in over all result




Ergama EMGO Oromiyaa

Leenjifamtoonni Barnoota fi Leenjii Tekinikaa fi Ogummaa (BLTO) fi hojjettoota industirii akkasumas ogeessota muxannoo horatan gahumsa isaanii kallattii gabaan hojii barbaaduun madaaluudhaan kanneen gahoomaniif beekamtii kennuudha.

Mul’ata EMGO Oromiyaa

Bara 2022tti ogeessa madaalamee gahoomee fi ofitti amanamummaa qabu, akkasumas, sadarkaa addunyaatti dorgomaa ta'ee fi kaka'umsa qabaatee carraa hojii ofii uummachuu danda'u uumamee arguudha.

Kaayyoo EMGO Oromiyaa

Sirna madaallii qulqullina qabuu fi dhaqqabaa ta’e diriirsuun, gahumsa humna namaa gabaan hojii barbaadu mirkaneessuun, itti fayyadama teeknooloojii cimaa ta’ee fi sirna bulchiinsa ragaa hammayyaa’aa ta’e akkasumas bu’aa qabeessummaa qorannoo fi tajaajila gorsaa mirkaneessuudha.


  • Ittigaafatamummaa
  • Iftoomina
  • Gahumsa
  • Qulqullina
  • Hirmaachisummaa
  • Al-loogummaa
  • Naamusa ogummaa eeguu